“If anything good could come out of your diabetes…”

Good and diabetes don’t usually go in the same sentence, but a good friend of mine said this to me the other day:
“If anything good could come out of your diabetes, it’s that I think I’ve realized maybe I should start taking care of my own blood sugar. So thank you.”

My friend is not diabetic and she’s not the only one making changes because of my condition. Many of my friends and family members are making healthier choices (at least when I’m around). When I pull out my book or open up my iPhone app to choose a restaurant, I often get quizzed on the carb, calorie, fat and sugar content of the meals my companions want to order.

You wouldn't know it, but we have matching glucose monitors.

Those closest to me are also much more aware of their health and the health of their loved ones. They’re keeping track of things  that could be brushed off. I guess finding out a life-threatening illness and the stomach flu can look a lot alike makes people more aware.

I’m by no means shy about counting my carbs, testing blood sugar or taking insulin in front of my friends and family. Several people have said to me when they see me test and inject, “I just couldn’t do that.”

Yeah, I said it too. But I’m doing it. You’d be surprised what you can do when you have to do it. I have two options, test and inject or go back into DKA and not see my next birthday.

“You could do it, but I sincerely hope you never have to,” is my new answer to that statement.

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