I Don’t Really Think That’s Feminism

Brad and I were recently having a conversation and something was said in jest that lead me to tell Brad he’d better be careful since he’s married to a feminist. *Gasp* It’s a little dangerous to say that sometimes.

“What makes you call yourself a feminist?” Brad asked me.

My answer included some of this list of things that I believe:

  • Men and women should be equal
  • It shouldn’t be okay for people to catcall me on the street
  • Men and women should get paid the same amount for the same job and women shouldn’t be at a disadvantage in salary negotiations just because of gender
  • I shouldn’t have to check my assertiveness to avoid being seen as “bitchy” when a man would be seen as “confident”
  • Women shouldn’t have to pay more for the female version of products
  • The occupancy of my uterus shouldn’t be up for discussion
  • Women shouldn’t fear that wearing their engagement ring to an interview will make them less likely to be hired (due to either “that ring’s big, she clearly doesn’t need a job” or “she’ll probably get pregnant soon, we don’t want to deal with that”)
  • Rape victims shouldn’t be asked what they were wearing
  • Girls shouldn’t be discouraged from leadership or studying science and math

The list goes on. Gender bias and discrimination is so ingrained in our society that people don’t stop to think about it enough.

“I don’t really think that’s feminism,” Brad said. “That’s just how things should be.”

It’s sad that these views would classify me as feminist, but unfortunately it’s true. Many people think that my list of things I believe is already reality, but it’s not. Women haven’t even had the right to vote for all that long. It’s not until we all become “feminists” that these things will become how things should be.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to quit shaving my legs anytime soon… I’ll just use a men’s razor because it’s cheaper.

InternationalWomensDay-portraitI think it’s perfect that I was born on International Women’s Day and this year’s theme is gender parity. Don’t be made uncomfortable by strong women. Also, don’t be mean, it’s my birthday.

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