Glass in my purse

My soon to be brother in-law asked me if I had broken any mirrors or walked under any ladders lately, and rightfully so. I would say that I have had the worst string of bad luck that I have experienced in a long time. Check out my last two weeks:

– Roommate 1 and boyfriend woke me up at 1:30 am fighting (mind you I had to wake up at 5:30 and commute 2 hours to work in rush hour traffic)

– Roommate 2 and friend woke me up at 2:00 am slamming doors on another night.

– On yet another night, fire alarm malfunctions two nights in a row caused a situation.

– A serious nosebleed took 5 minutes to stop.

– I almost get hit by an Escalade when going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister and friend in the car.

– I slipped on the ice and still have a bruise 5 days later.

– My windshield was shattered while I was driving.

Oh boy has that last one been a mess! I spent a lovely day in our firm’s office in Columbus and had told my dad just before leaving that the worst thing that’s happened all day was tearing a fingernail. Then on the highway a sheet of ice flew off the top of a semi trailer and smashed my windshield.

That’s how I ended up with glass in my purse, and pretty much everywhere else.

No one else pulled off when I did. If they saw it, they just drove right along. I did arrive safely home with my shattered windshield and hit to see if they’d cover it. According to the website, I would have not deductible on that claim… apparently the website lies and my deductible applies meaning that the cost of a brand spanking new windshield is mine all mine. So to SafeLite I went. When I picked up my car after hours, I had a new windshield in one piece, but that black plastic piece you see in the very bottom of my photo (which was fine when I sent my car in) is now broken and flutters up at highway speed. So I’m still dealing with fixing my car.

But even though things don’t seem to be going well in one respect, I’m finding out how much those people close to me are. Brad has just been absolutely amazing through our shared trials and then through my own personal crap.

What slightly surprised me was my brother, who is sometimes floating out in his own world, called me and even though our mom told him that I was fine, he wanted to make sure that I really was.

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