Girly Pink Lace

I could call this refashion: the time my husband thought I was making lingerie.

Since graduating from college, I’ve gotten a bunch of my stuff that my parents had been storing for me. I really didn’t bother looking through it because it was stuff I’d lived without for four years. After we bought our house I started organizing, sorting and getting rid of things. I started with a scrap of hot pink lace. When I held up my finished project and showed Brad, he asked me if I had made lingerie.

I didn’t take a before picture (oops!) but honestly it was a reasonably sized rectangle of pink lace.

I folded it over so that the scalloped edge would be the bottom hem of my shirt (my goal was a shirt by the way). I cut a simple neckline, then pinned the lace to a t-shirt that fits me well.

Using the green shirt as a guide, I pinned the sides and arms then cut the lace, leaving extra room to fold the seams. I folded over and stitched them down. I angled the sleeves creating a little bit of a flutter.

I donned my lace top over a black camisole and threw on a belt.

With the top finished, I was ready to call it a night.

In the future, I might sew in a black or pink inset to “line” the top, but for now it works with a camisole under it.

I really like lace lately and this pink lace is really girly.

What fun projects have you done or found with lace?


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