Friday Five: Things I Don’t Understand

There are just some things that I don’t “get.” For example:

1. Glass bottle trees. I don’t understand the whole idea around displaying bottles in your front yard. It looks a little bit like the recycling bin rebelled.  So when I searched for a picture to share with you, I found out that people aren’t making these themselves (silly me!) they actually pay for them. The one pictured can be purchased for $30. Why?

2. Fake pockets. There’s nothing more annoying than to need a pocket and only have the fake out ones.

3. Dust jackets on books. I like book covers, whether illustrated or not. But dust jackets have always annoyed me and gotten in the way. They fold, flop, wrinkle and tear plus all of my books that have jackets look 100x cooler without them.

4. Designer condoms. This is potentially the only time I’ll blog about condoms. These have been around for awhile but it completely astounds me that anyone on earth would pay nearly $70 for one condom. If you have too much money to know what to do with, I recommend finding a charity.

5. Facebook ads. Whoever chose the pictures and wrote the copy for a lot of the ads I see on Facebook should probably find a new line of work. Between reading the ads that sound like they’re giving away babies and being called old, ugly and unexciting by a lingerie ad I’m concerned. I mark a lot of ads as offensive but I wish there were an option to mark them as “insane.”


What would you add?

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13 thoughts on “Friday Five: Things I Don’t Understand

  1. The only reason they have all these sample babies to give away is because not enough people use designer condoms. The reason for that, of course, is because you can’t put one in a fake pocket.

    What a fun list! I wish I could’ve fit the other two items in my summary.

  2. I do the same thing with the Facebook ads! Reading this post made me remember something I read about branding today- the book was talking about hello kitty- and apparently they sell hello kitty condoms. Reading this meant of course I had to see if they really did. Seriously. Hello Kitty condoms. I ho

  3. ARGH! I don’t like fake pockets either.

    People will buy anything is marketers do their job well and people have the money to spend on it.

    Although, I don’t understand designer condoms either.

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