Easter Events

I told you all Friday that I was excited for Easter.

Easter weekend was a good time all around. The office closed during the afternoon so I took the opportunity of a beautiful Friday afternoon off to spend it with my friend looking at bridesmaid dresses and shoes for her wedding, as well as shopping for sport. I came home with a $5 shirt from H&M, I’m very pleased with my awesome find. Our men met us for dinner and a nice evening was had by all.

On Saturday, my aunt and uncle came to visit. They took us to lunch (thanks!) and we had a very nice visit. My dad was the youngest of five children and my uncle who came to visit is the next to youngest brother. Being around my dad’s brothers is interesting because they do and say things that remind me of my dad.20120409-121154.jpg

They also played Easter bunny and brought me beautiful Easter tulips and Brad corn dogs. The corn dog thing is probably funnier to us than it would be to you so I’ll just leave it there.

On Sunday morning we got snazzed up and headed down to the church where Brad grew up and completely forgot to create photographic evidence of how Easter-y we looked. We then enjoyed a traditional-ish Easter lunch with his extended family. For which I made the centerpiece cupcakes!


Raspberry Lime Cupcakes

I tried a modified version of the tie-dye fruity cupcakes that I pinned on Pinterest. Since I had sugar free raspberry jello, a sugar free yellow cake mix and regular lime jello on hand I didn’t bother following the recipe exactly. The cupcakes have a very slightly different texture because there’s jello added to it.




Thankfully the raspberry turned out pink

When we arrived back home, we shared the elevator with two older gentlemen who were very pleasant, however when we got off at our floor one of them wished us a “Happy Thanksgiving!”He was completely serious, so we thanked him and waited to laugh until the elevator door closed.

After the Easter fare for lunch, Brad and I were ready for something different for dinner and there was a Chinese take out menu on out door handle. So we debated Chinese or Mexican food for dinner and landed on Mexican food.

Overall, the first married Easter was very nice.

How was your Easter?

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