Dress for the Mood You Want

Diabetes completely kicked my butt the other night. A stressful, unexplained high + a drastic fall and shakey, sweaty low + lack of sleep and a low-hangover basically turned me into a Monday morning zombie… as if Mondays aren’t challenging enough on their own!

Instead of tossing on khakis (or jeans!) and a random top then dragging myself into work, I opted to go with an outfit that I’d recently discovered while cleaning out my closet: a black pencil skirt and a hot pink spring sweater.

I actually look kind of tall

I’ve found that if I feel like a zombie and dress like a bum, I end up being a bummy zombie all day, which on weekends and sick days can be a welcome break, but on a Monday when stuff needs done… bummy zombie is NOT an option. Wearing a nice outfit and make up even when I would only be leaving my office for more coffee/tea and bathroom breaks made me feel more… human. Not only that, I got compliments from coworkers on how nice I looked. Dressing for the mood I wanted to be in, distracted everyone (including me) from the mood I started my day with.

Do you have a go-to tactic to keep from being a zombie after a rough night?

Third Time’s a Charm?

Speaking of diabetes…. Last night I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of my PDM collection:

The story behind my medical device hoarding is actually that “have” four PDMs. My original PDM can’t communicate with my pod without giving me a minimum of one communication error, but I’ve had to do the off/on this up to 4 times, while having the PDM actually touch my pod to get it to work (but at least it worked and I didn’t have to switch to injections until it got fixed). I called customer service and they agreed that my PDM needed replaced under warranty since it *should* have a 5-foot range. In the process I had to update my address.

Replacement 1: When my PDM didn’t arrive the day it was supposed to, I called. The system hadn’t accepted my new address and my delivery was signed for by the office at my old apartment. They apologized and over-nighted a new one to me at work.

Replacement 2: Although this PDM got delivered to the wrong office suite, the dentist office that received it, brought it up. When I tried to activate a pod with replacement 2, the power button wouldn’t work. The only way to turn the PDM on was the insert a test strip or remove and replace a battery. I called again and was told it was a defective button, they would send me a new PDM… again.

Replacement 3: I ran into the FedEx delivery man when I got to work yesterday and asked if he had a package for me, he did. I signed for it and set it up last night. So far, so good! It works! The other two that I have in possession are being shipped back tomorrow.

(Outfit details: Skirt is from Express, the top was a gift from a friend, shoes are from Payless)


2 thoughts on “Dress for the Mood You Want

  1. I love your outfit, and also the term “bummy zombie.” Both because it’s so, so true and also because if I give the term too much thought, it makes me laugh because I’m a 12 year old, mentally.

  2. That pdm thing sounds like a nightmare! I would have been so upset! But for no good reason because there was nothing in that situation that could have been helped or changed by being upset…..isn’t it annoying how I do that??
    I don’t have any tactics for making myself feel better after a bad night. I indulge myself and wallow in it and my day usually turns itself around. 🙂

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