Desires for 2013

I don’t need to lose weight, stop smoking or most of the other typical resolutions. I haven’t really been a resolution person, so these are kind of resolutions, but more of things that I’ve decided I want when I looked ahead to a fresh new year.

1. Be more active, more often. It’s really easy in the winter to succumb to the desire to snuggle up on the couch with a good book, my husband and a couple of cute kitties because it makes me feel cozy. I don’t particularly enjoy snow after Christmas day, so outside activity is kept to a minimum. If my blood sugar is willing, I’ll take my book to the elliptical instead of the couch.

2. Be a more adventurous cook. I love trying new recipes, but every once in awhile I get stuck in a rut repeating the same few, easy, fast recipes. I’m proud to say I got a jump on the trying new recipes by making my first pork and sauerkraut New Year’s Day meal.

3. Be a better wife. I think in most relationships it’s possible to communicate better that you love, respect and appreciate the other person. Something I want to make sure I do better. We sometimes joke that I keep Brad around only because he can reach the cabinets above the stove. He knows that’s not true, but I could do a better job of saying thanks for everything he does.

4. Have less “stuff.” It’s really easy to become a pack rat when you have the space to store things. The first order of business is the winter wardrobe clean out. If it doesn’t fit, has damage I can’t repair or I can’t remember when I wore it last… it goes. Same for Brad. I’ll keep one pair of tattered jeans and a couple of old shirts on shelf in the basement for projects that could ruin clothing.

5. Celebrate the good things. When something is good, it deserves to be celebrated. Celebrations don’t just need to be saved for birthdays or anniversaries.

What are some of the things that you want to do or be in 2013?

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3 thoughts on “Desires for 2013

  1. Can I just steal your list??? Seriously, I love them all. On Wednesday I made my first Thai Chicken Curry for dinner – it was pretty easy, pretty healthy, and very tasty. And definitely made me feel like a more adventurous cook!!

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