DBlog Week: I Can

I’m happy to be participating in DBlog Week again this year (Check out #DBlogWeek on Twitter and across social media to see what others are saying). Today’s topic is “I Can.” This is a really positive topic because often the ins and outs of living with diabetes really just suck and we forget what incredible things we can do with or despite diabetes.

Once upon a time, I wrote a blog with a list of things that people with diabetes can do… and provided proof of it. It all stemmed from people asking if they could donate blood despite having diabetes.

I know that I can do basically anything I want to, except for produce my own insulin. Does diabetes sometimes present a challenge for doing what I want to do? Absolutely. But should it stop me? Absolutely not.

I’m a pretty low-key person in general so I’m not climbing mountains, traveling the world, flying airplanes or bicycling across the country. But I can (and do) a lot with diabetes.

I can:

  • travel
  • drive
  • swim
  • eat what I want
  • wear what I want
  • cycle
  • have a rewarding career
  • keep diabetes from getting in the way

Most importantly, I can live a long, healthy and normal life even though I have diabetes. In fact, the things that I do to take care of my diabetes help me to live a healthier life than I was before I was diagnosed.

Living with a chronic illness can be hard, but I think it’s important to make sure you’re actually living your life and not let everything be consumed by your illness.

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14 thoughts on “DBlog Week: I Can

  1. I love this post and I love your original post! Interesting how you wrote the original in response to people asking if diabetics can donate blood…I used to wonder that myself!

    • Thanks Kelley! A newly diagnosed person asked on Twitter and I had never bothered to look it up before because I’ve never been allowed to donate blood due to my weight. It got me wondering about being an organ donor too and the original just spiraled!

  2. I was hoping that you were going to say that you developed your fashion sense and ability to sew from diabetes. Then that might mean I have a chance! Oh well, nice post as always:-)

    • Thanks Laddie, I appreciate that! My fashion sense and sewing skills we developed before diabetes but boy have they come in handy making it all work together!

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