Champagne and Chandeliers

love the GE Chandelier at Playhouse Square (which happens to be the world’s largest outdoor chandelier). So when a coworker offered me his tickets to attend Champagne Under the Chandelier, I jumped at the opportunity.

The event rounded out Cleveland Week of Wine and benefited WVIZ/Ideastream. Inside the Idea Center, three rooms were set up with more different types of champagne than I’ve ever seen in my life and local Cleveland food.

Although I tried several types of Champagne, I didn’t walk away with a favorite. Everything I tasted was good (yay!) and the reps there were great about sharing with us the differences in the types they were sampling and giving information on the brands and champagne in general. You can see the list of champagnes featured here.

There were a lot of good food options to sample as well although some of the items weren’t as “finger food” as I’d have preferred. The clear food winner was the pork belly steam bun from Bin 216. The chicken patte from Red, Wine and Brew was also good. Humble Wine  bar served up a delicious red velvet truffle as well.

Of course we got our #MoetMoment picture taken in front of a nice, printed backdrop of the chandelier.

Although I prefer my picture with the chandelier that Brad took.

Do you like champagne?

What’s the best fundraiser you’ve attended or thrown?

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