Cat(s) Vs. Mouse: Vox Box Review

I felt very special the day that a bright yellow box showed up for me the cats. This whole pile of packages was addressed to me.

Influenster sent Holmes and Watson a pet-focused Temptations cat treat box with the Snack Mouse toy. You can see the unboxing video and a little about how my cats reacted to it on my YouTube channel here.

Aside from being a little afraid of the box, my cats weren’t quite sure what to do with the mouse. Watson figured it out, Holmes got distracted and gave up on the mouse very quickly.

But in the end, the cats most assuredly won. They spent a lot of time chewing on the mouse ears, to the point that the mouse is now deaf. They also carry it around the house by the ears.

So here are the bullets on the Snack Mouse from the Temptations Cat Treats:

  • The mouse works better on hard floors than carpet
  • The fact that you have to twist off it’s head is a little creepy
  • I like that the toy makes cats work for the treats
  • I like that the treats are good for my cats’ teeth
  • I wish the toy were a little tougher, specifically in the ears

This is not their favorite toy, but they really do like it. They play with it even when it’s empty.

What toys do your pets like?

I was sent these complimentary products from Influenster for review purposes… the things were free, but the opinions are mine and are honest.

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