[Blue] Friday Five: Questions and Round Up

Blue Fridays are about diabetes awareness. So for Diabetes Awareness month, my Friday posts are all about diabetes. Like last week.

If you don’t have diabetes, there are probably a lot of things that you don’t think about. So I ask you:

1. When was the last time you saw your own blood? 

I saw mine minutes ago when I checked my blood sugar. I see my own blood approximately 8 to 10 times every day.

2. How often do you go to the doctor? And, how many doctors do you have?

This is kind of a loaded question for anyone who doesn’t have a chronic health condition. My healthcare team is made up of a bunch of professionals, with 7 key players. I go to about 6 regular-type doctor’s appointments per year and have various labwork done at least twice a year, but this year I’m looking at eight visits to the lab.

3. Can you give yourself a shot?


4. How often to you weigh your food, look at nutrition labels, eat something out of a measuring cup or view your food in terms of math?

Every single time you eat? Doubt it.

5. When was the last time that someone said, “You can’t have this” or asked if you can eat something?

Being denied on your  food or questioned on your diet is super annoying.

Round-Up (Not a regular feature)

I felt like I won at blogging and the internet in general this past week. Between hosting the October Best ‘Betes Blogs, giving away my first ever prize to reader Kassie, being quoted by the Associated Press, interviewing on live radio, having a year-old blog post “go viral” and being mentioned by Diabetes Mine and having so many of you jump into the conversation here, on Twitter and to some extent on my Facebook page. I’ve been jittery from this all week!

Sometimes blogging just kind of feels like plodding along and reaching for topics (hello writer’s blogger’s block!) then other times you have so many amazing posts started and on the schedule because the blog is just running itself.

In my offline life, things with the mini remodel are moving along, I’ve had the opportunity to catch up with some friends and family and I got to interview the president of an awesome nonprofit that helps veterans. Life is good.

November is a month of thanks and this week I’m thankful for all of the opportunities that I, and ProbablyRachel.com, have had recently.

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