An Older Man

For a few days out of the year, I’m married to an older man and Brad is married to a younger woman.

We celebrated Brad’s birthday all weekend, kicking it off with a fun Friday night that conveniently coincided with the start of Cleveland Restaurant Week. (Restaurant Week continues through March 2nd, you can see who is participating by clicking that link.)


We met up with our friends at The Chocolate Bar for their excellent Restaurant Week menu.

A 3-course meal for 2, for $30? Yes please!

We decided to share both entrees so we each took half of the entrees.

Mac-n-Cheese and Chicken Pesto Flatbread

Happy husband

They brought the birthday boy a treat!

Part of what I love about downtown are the lights


On Saturday we did some errands and discussed what Brad would like to have made especially for him for dinner. We landed on what we call gourmet grilled cheese, a recipe that his mom found and has made a few times. Not having the recipe, nor knowing exactly the ingredients that I would need to pick up, we call his mom.

She agreed to scan her recipe and email it to us. While searching for it, she chatted with us about how heavenly their house smelled because they had the window open and they were smoking a roast on Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Chips. When he heard this, Brad looked and me and mouthed, “Do you want to go down there?”

So we invited ourselves over to my in-laws’ house for dinner and to spend the night. We rushed through our errands and headed south to enjoy a wonderful dinner and visit with Brad’s parents, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend (who got to experience what the brothers are like when they’re together for the first time).

With only two-ish hours notice, Brad’s parents managed to get a personalized ice cream cake for the occasion and surprised the birthday boy with it.


After making a breakfast of scones for the whole K-family (since I promised Brad birthday breakfast scones) we spent a little more time there and came home in the afternoon.

We enjoyed our gourmet grilled cheese, roasted red pepper soup and a little Riesling for Brad’s birthday dinner and ending birthday weekend #1.

I do not have a future in food photography

(Brad gets two birthday weekend this year since the Cleveland Auto Show is a week later than we’re used to.)

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