8 Years

Today is 8 years since Brad and I have been a couple. A lot has happened in 8 years, much of it happened even before we got married.

Here are 10 things that are better with a partner:

  1. Carrying luggage through an airport
  2. Picking out gifts for family
  3. Going on vacation
  4. Handling loss
  5. Bathing a cat
  6. Shopping for a car
  7. Cooking dinner
  8. Returning items to a store
  9. Getting things out of tall cabinets
  10. Dancing

You can read the story about how we became a couple here.

5 thoughts on “8 Years

  1. What ever you guys been thru is in the past. You both make a great couple and have each other for support. He is your best friend Rachel!
    Congrats to both of you.

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