Easy DIY Wreath

My pine cone wreath from last year took a tumble off the shelf in the attic so it didn’t make it on the front door.

I took the intact pine cones and worked them into my mantle and tabletop decor.

With the demise of the pine cone wreath, I decided to make a new wreath with some of the holiday items that had invaded my living room.

Using the wire hanger base from the pine cone wreath, I gave a piece of pipe insulation a little support and taped the ends of the foam insulation  together with packing tape. (I used the other end half of the insulation piece used to make my twine wreath pictured here.) Continue reading

The Holiday Season

Happy Monday and happy December!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with you family!

I enjoyed a long weekend and some good food with good company on Thursday. My office closed early on Wednesday, even though I worked from home in order to accommodate an appointment at the dealership to get my tire replaced…since I picked up a screw close to the sidewall earlier in the week (flashback?) and Brad was permitted to leave early as well so we headed down to my in-laws to help prepare food. I made this pumpkin “swirl” cheesecake, it was delicious but the swirls didn’t quite work out and it was more cream/mousse pie than cheesecake. Tasty regardless! The nerve-wracking part was that I didn’t taste my dessert before bringing it to Thanksgiving… I’m very happy that it turned out so well on the first attempt but plan on subjecting all contributed new recipes to quality control processes.

Notice how small the slices are?

A good tip for holiday desserts (whether they’re low-carb like this one or not) is to cut them in very small pieces.

As has become a tradition, the Christmas trees and decorations began to be put up on Friday. I just couldn’t rush Christmas before Thanksgiving. A big thanks to ABC Family for the Harry Potter movie marathon while decorating! Continue reading

Winter Decorating

The moment leftover turkey and mashed potatoes find their way into the fridge after Thanksgiving, I shift into gear for Christmas and start decorating. The trees go up, the Advent wreath comes out, there’s garland about, snowmen, ribbon and a new wreath on the red door.

These decorations are out and lit during the whole holiday season, all the way until New Year’s Day when it’s time to move on from Christmas and hang a new calendar. Once all the festive Christmas decorations are packed away in the attic, the house kind of looks kind of sad. In order to avoid the 60 to 0 switch, not everything that goes up at the end of November is Christmas-centered.

Most often, my wreaths aren’t Christmas-specific, that way I can leave them up all winter. This year, I opted to make a pine cone wreath for the front door using the scented pine cones that were stashed after Christmas 2011.

Bonus: Our entry smells like cinnamon and vanilla!

Snowmen, snowflakes and inspirational words (joy, peace, hope, love) are also perfectly acceptable (to me) all winter, along with the metallic accents, so they stay long after the trees and stockings go away.

Sorry that I didn’t take any in-progress pictures, but if you want to make your own here’s how I made it: Continue reading

The Red Door

When we first started making plans for our house I considered bringing up the option of changing the color of the front door. But as we showed our families the listing for the house the red door became the thing that was first noticed. So the red door stays red for now.

I used to rotate homemade wreath on the apartment door so I decided it was about time for some decoration on the door. So I got crafty and here’s the result:

Materials Used: Continue reading