Throwback Thursday: Meet Sally

Last August I got Sally. She’s my dress form and she’s got great style…

She’s been a great addition to my refashioning, and if I you sew and ever have the opportunity to get such a steal on one of these, definitely do it!

There are tutorials for DIY dress forms on the internet that look great! I tried the Duct Tape Dress form and it turned into a disaster. Let me know if you’ve successfully made your own dress form!

Here’s the story of how I got her and the sweet lady who told me to name her!

Now She Needs a Name

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Favorite Refashions

I never really cared for #tbt on Facebook or Instagram or whatever but on my blog… I love it! So today, I’m looking back at a few of my favorite refashions…

The Little Black Dress

I love how this one turned out and am actively looking for occasions to wear it! Nothing screams little black dress more than a man’s shirt… right?

See what it used to look like.

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