The Year of Fives

Yesterday was my 5th anniversary at my job current company. That means I’ve turned in 1300 time sheets.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may have noticed that the spring and summer time bring several acknowledgements of anniversaries. This year, those dates mark five years.

You see, 2011 was the year that everything in my life changed. It’s a year when a lot about who I am as a person was defined, and it all happened in a very short period of time. Continue reading

Blank Page

Do you ever have random thoughts that you want to share, but just aren’t sure of the forum? Things that would be written in a diary if you had one, but in this age all you have is a blog, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and none of them feel like just the right venue?

These are those thoughts… for me. Some people may call this a brain dump.

  • Sometimes being passionate about things gets me into trouble.
  • I’m not unfulfilled because I’m not a mom.
  • Cat hair and my black clothing must be magnetic. Thank God for whoever invented lint rollers.
  • Every blank page is an opportunity for something.
  • Orchids bloom in the winter because I need something bright in my life.
  • Do feminine product makers really think I want to publicly tweet them my thoughts on their products?
  • My office needs some rubber ducky in its life.
  • Why do people keep leaving things in my car?


Friday Five: Meter Reader

A collection of random thoughts on glucose meters. Enjoy.

1. I’ve called myself a meter hoarder, but I know there are others with a larger collection than me. I have five meters.

2. I get really annoyed when people call blood glucose meters “diabetic meters.” It doesn’t have diabetes, monitor diabetes or require you to have diabetes in order to use it. I’ve stabbed poked and tested many a non-diabetic with them (at their request of course, I don’t go around randomly checking BGs.

3. I do get confused when people call them “glucometers.” It looks right spelled out, but sounds foreign to me when spoken. When I got my wisdom teeth extracted, the nurse asked if I’d brought my “glucometer” with me or if we should test on the office’s. It took me a solid 10 seconds to realize what she was talking about.

4. I love it when people ask me about meters. My brother called to wish me a happy birthday last week and in the middle of our conversation asked, “What’s a USB meter? What does the USB do?”

5. Why is it that high readings take longer to come up? My meter is super speedy when I’m low or in a good range, but it takes forever to process when I’m 170+. Or maybe it’s just me?