Pumpkins And Wine {Fall Craft}

What do you do when you have a whole pile of wine corks?

You invited your friend over and make some pumpkins.

It actually all started when my sister shared this photo from My Gourmet Connection to my Facebook page.

My friend Brooke and I tried making our own pumpkins.

First, you gather your supplies:

  • 25 corks (for one pumpkin)
  • Orange paint
  • Hot glue gun (+glue of course)
  • Green felt
  • Scissors

Second, you paint the ends of 24 of your corks (cork #25 is a stem). We dipped them in paint and dabbed off the extra.

Once the paint on your corks is dry, you hot glue them together in rows, two rows of four, two rows of five and one row of six.

Next, you hot glue your rows together in the following pattern: 4 corks, 5 corks, 6 corks, 5 corks, 4 corks.

Cut pumpkin leaves out of felt. This was the hardest part, because pumpkin leaves are weird.

Then, you attach the stem and leaves. I used a roughed up cork. Some people cut a cork in half. Brooke used one of the shorter corks.

And that’s it! You could make smaller pumpkins using different numbers of corks, but this size was really good for what I wanted.

Now that I’ve completed my first fall craft, I have to go squeeze in some summer activities like a baseball game!

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