Feeling Stabby

Why does it seem like every news story that mentions diabetes in any manner is accompanied by a picture of someone stabbing him or herself in the stomach with a syringe?

Oh yeah… perception.

I pictured diabetes that way for a long time too. Then my pancreas failed and I started stabbing myself in the stomach (leg, arm, butt, etc) with a pen needle and later I started letting the OmniPod do it for me.


This is a Novolog pen needle. When capped, it has been mistaken for a marker

Those of us diabetic individuals who take insulin (not all types have to be on insulin!) aren’t running around with orange capped syringes and sticking them in our bellies whenever we want.

That’s not how it works.

We do have a lot of needles though. For instance, meet the sharps in my life:


Used for poking, injecting, infusing and filling

And on another note: We’re not all fat, losing our feet or drinking juice 24/7.

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