Super Bowl 50: Snack & Ads

This is the first year I’ve actually known what the Super Bowl number was because they cut the Roman numerals… “L” just isn’t impressive under “Super Bowl.”

Someone asked me who I was rooting for, the Panthers, Broncos or Snacks & Ads. I had to pick “snacks & ads” because I spent the evening on Twitter commenting on the ads. Here’s my quick rundown…

The Super Bowel

I was surprised to see the Pharma ads, which leaned very heavily toward the bowel end of the industry with the OIC and Xifaxan.

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Guest Blog: How Social Media Opens Jennifer’s World

My former classmate Jennifer asked if I would let her share a guest blog post. It’s nice to get a peek into the mind of another social media enthusiast and coffee lover. Without further ado, meet Jennifer.

JenniferI’m Jennifer: amateur writer, Facebook junkie, comic enthusiast, and never without something to read in arm’s reach. I drink way too much coffee. I’m engaged to the best man I’ve had the luck of meeting, Josh, and am headed back to school for a degree in Organization Communication and Public Relations. We’re shacked up in a little bungalow in Canton with our four cats. 

There’s no question that technology has expanded our horizons far beyond what they were even five years ago. Our access to news and information is unprecedented and vast, and I use the internet for these reasons as much as the next person. For me, however, the most valuable resource that technology has to offer is the myriad of ways I can explore my world through social media. After all, I’ve always been able to find information on, for example, the lifespan of a fruit fly.

I just had to work a little harder to get it. I’ve always had TV news networks, they were just not quite as current as the information I can get now. What is different is my ability to connect.

See, I have fairly severe social anxiety. At its best, it’s a little inconvenient but I can work past it pretty easily. At its worst, it’s debilitating and the mere thought of going out to meet a friend for coffee or picking up a phone can give me a full-blown panic attack. With the evolution of social media and the way it’s increasingly entwined with nearly everyone and everything out there my options for being involved and interacting with the world around me have broadened significantly.

The most used apps on my phone? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Tumblr. Continue reading

The Knee Boot’s Connected to the Ankle Boot {Refashion}

I got a really cute pair of knee-high boots many years ago and kind of wore out the tops of them, the bottoms were fine though. I got a replacement pair on a great deal and planned on just pitching the old ones… but never did.

Old & New

When browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon this pin and it reminded me of  the boots. With a boot on, I decided how tall I wanted my new ankle boots to be then marked a bit above it. With the zipper unzipped I cut the boot off where I had marked. I did the same thing with the other boot. Continue reading

Twitter Bowl

One of my favorite days of the year on Twitter is Super Bowl Sunday. A bunch of commercial watchers tweet the brand bowl, some of us are clearly marcom folks and others are not. I tweeted last night with the #brandbowl  hashtag but there were so many hashtags floating around that I have to plead: Can we just pick one?

Instead of running down some commercials as I have in the past, I have some observations on the social media side.

1. I thought the hashtagged commercials had disappeared… then sometime during the second quarter the hashtags returned. Aside from the #EsuranceSave30, how many of the hashtags were really used? And what is with the changing hashtag for CarMax? #slowclap to #slowbark? If it was an attempt at getting something animal in, I’m not sure it was terribly successful.

2. People who want to act like they have authority to comment on the ads should probably watch the ads and tweet the right brand when they praise or criticize them. I saw a lot of car company names used interchangeably.

3. I noticed that a lot of brands still don’t *get* social media, the internet and human behavior in general. For example, hashtags don’t have spaces and if you have to the audience to make you viral, you’re doing it wrong. 


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The Best of ProbablyRachel in 2013

As this year wraps up, I’d like to share with you some of my top moments and posts.

2013 was a big year for me blog-wise.

  1. First, I transferred to self-hosting to be able to steer my blog better, I also own my domain now. I still use (and love!) WordPress. In the process, I only broke my blog once. It was for about 30 minutes and that was two weeks ago.
  2. I joined the Refashion Co-Op to share my projects with other upcycling seamstresses. It didn’t seem like a huge commitment when I joined, just one contribution per month and I’ve made some great friends. Now I find myself wishing that I had more time with my sewing machine and Sally.

  3. ProbablyRachel got a Facebook page. It’s about freaking time! I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to like it since in my head most of you live on Twitter. But I found a pretty good audience on Facebook and I can put out more of those random things that aren’t really blog-worthy but I still want to have conversations on.
  4. Most notably, I went viral. It was a cool experience and I learned a lot from it. Only a few people yelled at me for my opinions (in a year-old blog post), overall everyone was pretty cordial.

Without further rambling, here are my top 10 blogs from 2013: Continue reading