The Knee Boot’s Connected to the Ankle Boot {Refashion}

I got a really cute pair of knee-high boots many years ago and kind of wore out the tops of them, the bottoms were fine though. I got a replacement pair on a great deal and planned on just pitching the old ones… but never did.

Old & New

When browsing Pinterest, I stumbled upon this pin and it reminded me of  the boots. With a boot on, I decided how tall I wanted my new ankle boots to be then marked a bit above it. With the zipper unzipped I cut the boot off where I had marked. I did the same thing with the other boot.

I capped off the top of my zipper with a scrap of black material then put hot glue around the inside of the top and folded the material over. I secured it with clothespins until I was comfortable that it would stay.

I did have to tack down an part of the top yet again (as you can probably tell from the after picture) but that is it. You can probably make this one a no-sew refashion as well!

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