When College is Like High School

I feel that after 4 years of college, attending two schools and being in every living situation possible, I ought to impart some of my experiences in hopes of benefiting others in their collegiate careers.

… and sometimes I just feel like telling stories! Today is a story day.

It was ingrained in me throughout my childhood that you should not talk about other people behind their backs or make statements that are not true… so then last week my good friend overhears a conversation about Brad (my fiance) and, in part, about me.

My friend was in the library (one of the most public places on campus) and a group of students next to her are discussing a class and the conversation flowed something like this:

Girl 1: Do you think Brad prepared much for his case?

Boy: No, I don’t think he spends time on schoolwork, it seems like he just spends all his time with his girlfriend.

Girl 2: Wait, that kid has girlfriend?!

Girl 1: Actually, he’s engaged.

It doesn’t exactly seem like a harmful conversation, but clearly these people do not know Brad, me or our relationship very well. So my friend tells us about this conversation. And it really bothered me for some reason.

So when case day rolls around and Brad encounters Boy, he says, “By the way, I tore myself away from Rachel long enough to prepare my case.”

Clearly Boy and Girls don’t know that Brad doesn’t joke around with his legal studies classes or that I work 30 hours a week and carry15 credit hours of courses on a schedule that doesn’t match Brad’s. So when it appears that we spend all of our time together it’s because someone wants to having a meeting on a Saturday.

Lesson in this story:

When you attend the high school…I mean University of Mount Union, you shouldn’t talk about other people because they will know within two hours.

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