Small World Syndrome

Once upon a time, my father did a lot of traveling. I remember him commenting that when you travel within your own state, people will ask where you’re from then ask if you know someone from the same city/region as you. When you travel within the US people will ask  if you know someone that lives in the same state as you. When he was in Europe, he was by chance on a train with a British passenger, who upon finding out my father was American, asked if he knew an acquaintance of theirs who was also an American.

Our world is vast, yet it is small. When meeting new people in college, we found out where the person went to high school and it usually brought you to say, “I know someone who went to your school, do you know [insert name here]?”

I was at a Cleveland PRSA event and happened to be sitting with a nice girl who moved to Cleveland from Chicago. She moved for love, and explained that her fiance was from Canton. “Where in Canton?” I asked. I then found out that her fiance and my husband grew up in the same town. But like us, they say Canton because not very many people know where the town is.

We dined with other Ohioans here!

The farther from home you go, the smaller the world seems.

When we were eating at a restaurant in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, not only did we happen to eat at a restaurant owned by a former Ohioan but another table of patrons were from Akron, Ohio! What are the chances? (Coincidentally, while I was gone for nine days on that trip, one of my roommates didn’t even know I was away!)

Lately the world seems to have shrunk for me. Does anyone else feel this way?

St. Thomas at night is too beautiful not to share!

PS: My wonderful husband took both of the pictures in this post and I cannot claim to have been able to capture the lighted hillside nearly as well as he did!


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