Press Pause

I complain about doctors, hospitals, blood tests, insurance companies and the general lack of communication that seems to take place anytime medicine is involved.

My insurance and hospital forgot how to talk to each other which resulted in erroneous charges to us. I got upset, frustrated and generally bitter. My wonderful husband went through the bills and the insurance codes then called the hospital billing department. He spoke with a man named Bill (please, someone else find that as amusing as I did). In 10 minutes, Bill had straightened out the billing codes and life was good again.

As annoying as billing codes, paperwork and all the other stuff is… who am I to think that I have room to complain?

I get stressed out about finding a space in the parking garage and navigating the massive medical facilities where my health is cared for. I long for it to be easier and more direct. But seriously, what good reason do I have to be stressed out?

The bottom line is this: I have medical care. I have insurance.

Not only that, I have access to world-class medical care and don’t have to drive a great distance for it. I have good insurance that allows me to get the devices that I need want to use to manage my health.

Not everyone can say that.

I’m grateful for where I am in life and for what I have. I’m also grateful for when I got hit diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I know that if my immune system had kicked into pancreas-killing mode when I was a child,  it would have been a huge stress on our family in times that were already hugely stressful.

Every once in awhile, we need to press pause. Stop complaining. Take a moment to be thankful for what we have.


After reading Johanna’s comment about Dr. Bonebrake, I feel compelled to ask anyone to share ironic/interesting/entertaining names as they correlate to jobs…. like a lawyer named “Sue.”

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  1. I’ll up you one punny name – I work in a hospital where there is a Dr. Bonebrake. I wish I could say he was an othopedic surgeon but he’s an OB/GYN. I still find it funny every time I hear it.

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