I might have mentioned phantom infusion sites before… but right now I’m being haunted.

Hardcore haunted by old sites.

I have a habit of unconsciously checking my pods and Dexcom sensors. I’ll rub over a sensor and make sure the transmitter is still snapped securely into place and I’ll run my fingers over the pod’s edges to make sure it’s not peeling up. This isn’t an issue until I touch a site and realize that there’s nothing there! In some cases, there hasn’t been a real site there for a week or longer.

Right now, my pod is happily infusing into my left arm and my Dexcom sensor is hanging out on my butt (some of bloggers say “lower hip” as a site location and I just assume they don’t want to say butt on the internet), but my right thigh and lower back feel like they have devices stuck to them. I keep absentmindedly touching my leg and I keep finding nothing there!

The other night, I had a dream that I had been shot in the stomach… in the same place as a recent site. I don’t know for sure if I can group that in with phantom-site feelings…. but wow was it weird!

On top of that, my now 4-week old site on the other side of my stomach is still scarred, still bumped up and still retired.

Silly ghosts!


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