Now She Needs a Name

The Renegade Seamstress put out an alert on a stellar deal on a dress form, today only (August 1st). So I researched it and determined that I was going to get the deal.

I called the store just before taking my lunch and confirmed that they had the form in stock. They had one left.

She’s patiently waiting in the car for the workday to end.

I hurried over and snagged it… or her I should say. The lady behind me at the check-out (in her eighties) stopped me and said, “Don’t forget to name her. My mother was a seamstress and seamstresses name their dress forms.” This intrigued me so I asked what I should name mine. She said, “I don’t know, My mother’s was named Jezebel.”

So now I need to figure out a name for my form. Recommendations? Jezebel is probably not a good plan. I should have asked the lady what her name was. That’d be a nice nod to who told me about it. 

Here was the deal: The dress form’s regular price is $259.99 and the one-day deal was for $99.99.

No more left at my store.

I had a 20% of total purchase including sale items coupon and they accepted it! bringing the price down to $79.99. With tax I got my new dress form for $86.

Of course that means I’m linking up for Look What I Got! Great deal, going on at JoAnn stores today only.

I’m looking forward to getting her out of the box at home and starting on a new project.


5 thoughts on “Now She Needs a Name

  1. I have had one for many years… bought it and then it sat in it’s box in a corner of the laundry room for another 15 years… She is out of her box now, stands in a corner behind the door of my master bedroom. I use her a lot… wondering how I got along without her for so long… Never did name mine (yet). But now that you have prompted the idea, I think I will name mine Louise – after my mother (who passed away of Alzheimers in 2008) – she loved to sew and made so many of my siblings and my clothes growing up (there were 5 of us!)

  2. PS – what a great deal! How did you get to use another 20% coupon? I have a 25% off coupon, but it is only good 8/2-8/4. I have plans for that! They also have an Ottlite LED floor and table lamp set for 99.99 (going on this whole week)… waiting for tomorrow to utilize my 25% off coupon with that! Hoping that my Joann’s has them in stock!!

    • I know! The awesome deal was the only reason I sprung for one. The 20% off was the printable coupon for when you sign up for their emails because for some reason I wasn’t already signed up! It was off the entire purchase also. My game plan was to call the closer store first and find out then if they didn’t have it, I called the second closest store.

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