No One Wants Gray Pictures

The plan on Saturday was to snap some pictures of my brother-in-law before celebrating all of the fall birthdays on my husband’s side of the family. But as most of you know, there’s a hurricane headed toward the East Coast.

On Friday morning the weather quickly turned to cold and rainy. It has continued to be cold and rainy ever since. We had resigned ourselves to not getting any pictures due to weather. When there was a brief reprieve in the downpour, we decided to see how many we could go get before it opened up again. It got nasty again really fast, but we got some good pictures despite the rain. I also snapped a few on my phone that I’m pretty happy with.

None of my husband’s pictures turned out to be “gray.” The interesting thing about rainy or wet photo shoots is that the wet colors are sometimes more vibrant or take on a richer tone.

I first noticed this in a picture our photographer took on a rainy spring day a few weeks before our wedding… The grass was such a vivid green and could you tell we were being rained on?

Photo from Chatman Photography

We did a lot of running around outside in the cold rain. As Sandy continues moving toward the East Coast, I’ll continue complaining about the rain. But I am hoping that my friends in her path are safe, warm and dry this week.

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