Just the fax

We received a fax in the accounting office at the car dealership where I work.

It was an advertisement trying to get us to subscribe to an auto repair magazine and it was addressed to an employee who has not been with the dealership for almost two years.

This isn’t the first advertising fax that we’ve received. I don’t get it. Why solicit via fax?

Faxing is still a viable form of business to business communication for existing relationships but it’s not a normal channel for advertising messages.

But think about it, you print out individual ads for a business then fax it to us, using the paper and ink that our company pays for. Not only is that not environmentally friendly, it’s a waste of our supplies and it’s annoying.

The current existence of a fax machine in most offices is based on necessity for important paperwork to be transmitted; otherwise simple emails suffice for fast communication. I’m not so sure that faxing was even the best course of advertising before email either.

Oh and my other point, do your research. A simple visit to our website would have shown a new person in that position.

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