It’s amazing what you can do in 15 minutes

If you know me, you know that for the past (almost) 5 months I have been interning at a public relations agency and one strange aspect of this internship is that every 15 minute chunk of my life must be recorded (for client billing purposes, not for stalking me or anything).

This has led me to the realization that with a 15 minute block of time, you can do a lot!

What can you do in 15 minutes? Check it out:

  • Scour 5-7 HARO or ProfNet emails
  • Proof a press release
  • Leave 6-10 voice mails
  • Capture 5 media clips
  • Complete a staff meeting
  • Scan a wedding magazine
  • Write a journal and/or blog post
  • Wait on hold for your doctor’s office
  • Have a prescription filled at Rite Aid
  • Eat a quick lunch so the rest of your break can be spent on homework

You really can do a lot more than that in 15 minutes. I’ve been breaking my life up into 15 minute blocks of time for the past few months and I think I’ll keep doing it because it’s become a time management tool!

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