If You Aren’t Flexible, You’ll Break

If you aren’t flexible, you’ll break.

That’s what my mother said when I called to explain the changes in our Christmas plans.

We’ve been planning for months on having Christmas at our new house with some of both of our extended families. There would be 11 people at our house for dinner and a nice time was to be had. We’d gotten all of the food, determined the best configuration of the dining room to seat 11 people, planned the schedule to spend a little time with my relatives, a little time with Brad’s and some time with all of us together. Then it all changed.

In the same day, I had two phone calls that led to my conversation with my mom about being flexible. One of my relatives dropped out. Then it was determined that Brad’s mom wouldn’t be able to make the drive up to our house since she’s recovering from surgery. So, we changed our plans. My mom and her husband came over on Christmas Eve, spent the night and had Christmas morning with them. Then we packed up all of the food that we got, took it down to Brad’s parents’ house and I made Christmas dinner for 8 people. I’m pretty proud of the meal I made.

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Christmas may not have gone as planned, but it was nice. I also continued my Christmas Eve tradition of having my blood drawn for my year-end endocrinologist appointment. Then Brad took me to breakfast at our favorite place near our old house, Victoria’s.

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I hope you had a lovely Christmas. As tomorrow starts the New Year, this is the last post of 2015. Although a lot of really great things happened in my life this year, some really crappy things happened too. I think I’m ready for a fresh, new 2016.

Have a happy New Year!

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