Friday Five: Work Confessions

There are things you do at work that are odd, weird, bizarre, etc. Here are of my five work confessions:

  1. I suffer from lunch envy. You know when you’ve brought a boring turkey sandwich or leftover mac and cheese, but one of your coworkers has reheated a culinary masterpiece? Suddenly, turkey doesn’t sound that great anymore.
  2. I’m not wearing any shoes under this desk…. in fact I might be sitting cross-legged in my chair right now.
  3. I often visit neighboring offices in my shoeless state.
  4. I spin in my desk chair when no one is looking.
  5. I’m listening to that loud conversation happening in the parking lot under my open window. Yeah, I can’t believe she said that either!

Do you do anything odd at work?


(Updated: As some of you know today is diabetes blog day and I opted not to participate, partly because of the industry I work in and partly because I had absolutely no clue how to approach the topic. But Sara wrote a beautiful post that I think you should all read here.)

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