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Eatwell Bingo: Your Path to a Healthier You

With so many health conditions on the rise, the concern for healthy eating continues to grow, but as many people who have tried and tested a vast number of diets, it takes a lot of discipline to limit your cheat day to one day a week. And in this world where we’re brainwashed to believe that a pill can make us immune to sickness, we’re less inclined to change our lifestyles and rely on medications to treat us when we’re ill. The secret to longevity is not in the pills; it’s in the food that we eat, according to the New York Times best-selling author Dr. Mercola.

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Healthy eating is not only a safer alternative to those fad diets endorsed by celebrities, but it’s the most realistic option for mental and physical improvement in the long run, decreasing dependency on medications which may only provide short-term relief. Although chowing on balanced meals can sound rather drab and discourage you from starting better eating habits, there are certain ways to add some enjoyment to this new, nutritional endeavor, one of them being bingo.

It’s odd to think of bingo of having any sort of purpose beyond entertainment, however its resurgence over the last few years have indicated a wide array of functions, becoming somewhat of a tool or platform to promote positive lifestyle changes. Because of the negative associations between weight gain and gaming, Gala Bingo decided to share a few of their favorite Tone Up exercises fit for both the working parent and busy stay-at-home mom. Similar to eating healthy, working out can also be pretty difficult if not properly motivated, which is why numerous personal trainers and P.E. instructors are using Fitness Bingo to remind everyone that being healthy is fun.

Using the same idea as Fitness Bingo, the Food Standards Agency in the UK fashioned several cards aimed to teach you about all kinds of food high in nutritional value, and to encourage you to include them in your daily meals. Instead of the traditional BINGO columns, items for Eatwell Bingo are divided into five categories: Fruits & Vegetables, Grains & Starches, Dairy, Protein, and Food & Drinks High in Fat/Sugar. In addition to the cards and food facts, there is also an Eatwell Plate that serves as a visual aid for a balanced meal.

Of course, the game can’t be played on your own. Gather your friends together for this new journey towards a healthier you, while having some fun along the way.

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