Diabetes Lately

Back up your settings

At Stacey’s tip, I took pictures of my basal rate, target blood sugar and IC ratio menus on my PDM and promptly saved them to the cloud. Why? Because stuff happens. Technology can have a mind of it’s own and trying to remember pump settings isn’t easy, especially with variable rates like most of us have.

Mystery holes

Poke once, bleed twice:

I actually poked the left side which makes it even weirder.


Most days I can cope with the demands of having diabetes. But today, I’m super annoyed. My new site is making it impossible to keep my shirt tucked in correctly, I feel like I’ve adjusted it about a million times already. Normally I love lower back sites because it makes my device basically invisible.

Also, it seems like every three days along with changing my site, I have to change my sleeping position.

That adds up to an annoyed Rachel.

Living on the Edge

I always feel like I’m living dangerously when my d-supplies/storage are low. I was living on the edge when I procrastinated on pods. This weekend I lived dangerously when I went to celebrate a friend’s birthday with only 17 units of insulin in my pod (oh don’t worry I had a new pod and insulin with me). Today, I’m on the edge with fewer than five strips in my vials to last until the end of the work day.

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  1. That sucks living on the edge with diabetes or any health condition. For me its not knowing if I will be able to eat on a trip. But I couldn’t imagine having to keep track of medical supplies!

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