Diabetes Bloggers/Blogs

 A Sweet Zoo

Below 7


Portable Pancreas Girl

The You Can Do This Project

Rolling in the D

Suite D (the official blog of OmniPod)


 Me and D

No More Shots for Shannon

Sweetened Style

Moments of Wonderful

Happy Medium

T1D Active Living

Test Guess and Go


Crafty Blogs


Refashion Co-Op (I’m a contributor)


Other Great Sites

Outside the Box

Brain Drippings

Totally Fit 4 Life

Making Sense of Cents

Notes From a Newlywed

I Crashed the Web

Newlywed Survival


Do you know of any blogs I should check out and maybe add to this list (maybe your own blog!)? If so, let me know! rachel.kerstetter[at]gmail[dot]com

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