I saw my endo last week. (Okay, more accurately I saw a doctor doing an endo rotation who was stumped by some of my questions and got my real endo so I saw her too and we were wearing basically the same shoes.)

I poured out some diabetes woes to her, including the new information I was receiving from my Dexcom that bothered. The frustration of pre-bolusing 30 minutes before consuming food and waiting forever for highs to subside.

She explained that the 1-hour-post lunch spike I was seeing is something that’s common with type 1 patients, but without a CGM they often don’t know about it. (My spike is NOT the textbook 2 hours after food so 2 hour post readings don’t really mean much for spikes) She apologetically explained that there aren’t any insulins that can come close to the speed of working-pancreas insulin. But she wanted me to give Apidra a shot (no pun intended!) to see if it helped.

(no I don’t mix these)

So today, my “Aspeedra” is in my OmniPod and we’ll see how this works.

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  1. I hope this works for you; please let me know how it works! I tried Apidra in my pump for awhile, but the 2-day limit and the need to always keep it refrigerated resulted in me nearly running out and not having a backup with me more than once, so I switched back to Novolog. I hope you have more success than I did!

    • The 48-hour limit worries me since I wear my pods the full 3 days. I did some research and found a lot of other OmniPodders use Apidra, so here’s hoping! (I keep a back up Novolog pen in my purse)

  2. I have not found the 48 hour limit to be true for me. I put it into my 180 unit tubed pump, use about 45 units a day, and run that reservoir dry (you do the math!).

    I switched about 5 years ago from Humalog. I find it much more predictable. It corrects highs much faster for me. I was having lows 5-6 hours after meals from the Humalog tail (did not have the lows at the same time if I didn’t eat so it was not a basal problem) and I know exactly when my Apidra boluses are done.

    I do leave my vials in the fridge but that isn’t unusual. I have never carried my insulin with me since I started the pump.

    • Thanks Sara! I was practically stalking the Apidra-using OmniPodders with questions about their experiences before I started. I do always carry my current vial because I’ve had to do pod changes on the fly.

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