Wordless Wednesday: I Sleep Like That Too!

Last night this was happening on the couch beside me:

I wondered how that was could even seem like a comfortable sleeping position until I realized that for three nights, I was sleeping like that! Between the OmniPod on my right arm and the Dexcom on my left leg, this typical side sleeper couldn’t comfortably lay how she wanted to. I’m pretty sure that I spent more of those three nights looking just as twisted as my little Watson.

On another note, I have become a crazy cat lady.

6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I Sleep Like That Too!

    • Unfortunately I don’t really have any secrets or tricks. Since I prefer to sleep on my side, I usually skip sites in my OmniPod/Dexcom rotations to let me do that. The right arm/left leg combination was a big mistake. Usually I wake up if I roll over so I’m laying on the pod.

      • Yeah. I think that would be Jon’s biggest complaints. We’re just look forward to the smaller pods… I keep wondering how much of a difference it will actually be.

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