Funerals, unemployment and health scares. How was your summer?

I took the month of August off from blogging, but I’m honestly surprised I didn’t end up taking the whole summer off. It was quite a summer! I’m at a point now, where I can talk about it … or most of it. I started blogging in the beginning as a source of therapy and fun, so onto the therapy!

Several things actually started prior to summer, but everything converged in chaos during our warmest months.

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Friday Five: Christmas List

By “list” I mean To-Do List! It dawned on me this week that I’m now among the “last minute” crowd. Last minute shopping…. last minute baking… last minute planning… last minute EVERYTHING! I’m stressing just thinking about it.

At least *most* of our Christmas cards are sent! (I sent them from work, partially because the mail carrier for my office looks like Santa Claus and partially because the mail carrier for our house doesn’t believe in accepting outgoing mail from our box.) I’m hoping to make a dent in my holiday to-do list by taking part of the day off, last year I took a whole vacation day to finish shopping, this year is far too busy for that.

Here’s the list:

  1. Finish Christmas shopping for the family
  2. Do the holiday baking, there are a bunch of people patiently waiting for baklava to appear
  3. Wrap presents
  4. Confirm outstanding holiday plans
  5. Track down addresses for the last few Christmas card recipients and mail them out

My Christmas season doesn’t start until after Thanksgiving and I’m feeling the abbreviated time span. It’s also tough to get out there and shop, or stay in and bake, when Brad’s travels have eaten into the last couple of weekends.

What’s left on your holiday to-do list?


Wordless Wednesday: I Sleep Like That Too!

Last night this was happening on the couch beside me:

I wondered how that was could even seem like a comfortable sleeping position until I realized that for three nights, I was sleeping like that! Between the OmniPod on my right arm and the Dexcom on my left leg, this typical side sleeper couldn’t comfortably lay how she wanted to. I’m pretty sure that I spent more of those three nights looking just as twisted as my little Watson.

On another note, I have become a crazy cat lady.