Why it’s cool that I’m an “engineer”

The agency that I work for is primarily business-to-business accounts and our niche is working with clients in markets including construction, industrial and MRO. We like to know our clients’ work and be relate-able so we have industrialized job titles.

If you’re in a communication or business field, you would understand my job title as “public relations specialist” but if you’re a client I work with, I’m a “public relations engineer” (yes that’s what my business card says).

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Wedding Band Rebellion

I must be a rebel. I wear my rings in the wrong order!

There are a lot of not traditional trends in weddings and marriages theses days so I’m sure I’m not alone.

I’ve been asked by a couple of brides-to-be why I wear my rings this way and I typically answer that there are two thought processes. Continue reading

Don’t hate my jeans

… my genes either.

I’m incredibly supportive of nurturing positive body-image among young women but sometimes I start feeling hated for being thin.

I saw this today (please excuse the profanity):

Found on Facebook

Ouch. I don’t particularly look like either of these models, but I own and wear size 0 jeans. Continue reading

The Olive Theory

I must be behind on things…. but I just recently learned about “the olive theory” of relationships.

The olive theory (from the show, How I Met Your Mother) in a nutshell: Marshall hates olives, but Lily loves them, and in Ted’s opinion, that’s what makes them a great couple; perfect balance.

It’s like opposites attract… Brad hates olives, I love olives. It’s the same story with pickles. Not so much with onions… we both pretty much hate them. Continue reading

When Perfectionism and Diabetes Collide

I’m a perfectionist… who has diabetes.

Sometimes it’s helpful to let my perfectionism take over my diabetes management. If I weren’t the way I am (ie a control freak, over achiever, perfectionist, compulsive worrier), I wouldn’t have the tight control influence on my diabetes that I do.

Unfortunately, I’m not always a strong enough influence on my diabetes and my little d-monster takes control making me feel like a failure. Continue reading