Smarter Keys {Product Review}

I was complaining to Brad about how many keys I have. When my office moved, I went from two keys for work that I barely ever had to use, to three keys that I use every day. Then we moved into the shoebox apartment while the house is being built and ended up with a fob, apartment key and storage unit key. Frustrating.

Overall a handful of keys didn’t bother me until I started pulling them out of my purse and putting them back and trying not to scratch one of the three screens in my purse.

Then the folks at Key Smart sent me their compact solution to bulky key rings. Continue reading

Gifts For Him

I clicked over to a “Valentine’s Gifts for Him” list and it included items like socks, belts and sunglasses. I thought about Brad and the things he likes, but also the things he likes to receive. Sure, my husband likes to wear interesting socks.

Exhibit A: Hashtag Socks

But, I highly doubt my husband wants me to give him socks for Valentine’s Day. They don’t really say, “I love you,” in any manner that could be construed as romantic. “I love you, now cover your toes in argyle.”

So I thought about some of the things I think Brad would like (without any input from him) and made a list. Honestly, we don’t exchange Valentine’s Day gifts anymore, we cook an awesome dinner together and give each other cards. For the past few years, he’s brought me flowers at work but Valentine’s weekend (and Friday the 13th) are moving weekend so flowers would be in danger this year! (If you do flowers, give one fewer flower and donate that cost to save a kid), so this list isn’t extravagant. Continue reading