3rd Anniversary: Waterfalls

For our third wedding anniversary over Memorial Day weekend, Brad and I wanted to take a little trip. We started looking for destinations that weren’t terribly far or expensive but would still be fun.

Like magic, a Groupon Getaways email landed in my inbox.

“How about Niagara Falls?’ I asked Brad.

“That could be fun,” he said. “I haven’t been there since I was a kid.”

“Me either.”

So off to Niagara Falls we went. Continue reading

Analysis of my social media practices

I obsess over use social media…. a lot of social media. It interests me.

We visited with a friend who made fun of Twitter, FourSquare and Google+ all in one sitting. Afterward, I decided to dissect my motives for the social media that I use.

  • Facebook: Facebook is still the king of social networks, it’s been around since high school and I use it to connect with friends and relatives with the occasional brand liking or general creeping that most users participate in. Continue reading

Thanks Foursquare!

The more time I spend on social media, the more I realize that I need to figure it out more in depth.

One of these realizations led me to finally join foursquare and figure it out. Foursquare just gave me one more reason to love my BlackBerry….

I would consider myself a light user. I don’t check in everywhere, every day. I do check in when I think I’m somewhere cool. For example we went to Dave and Buster’s for my fiance’s birthday and I checked in there. The next day I got a notification that Dave and Buster’s had started following me on Twitter. Yay!

Then I spent 5 days in the Seattle area over Spring Break and checked in basically everywhere (because I visited a lot of cool places!). Not only did I earn badges that way, a lot of the places started following me on Twitter too!

All in all, I have so far gained about 8 new Twitter followers because of foursquare in the month or so that I’ve been using it. I’m not so sure they actually care what I have to say, but it makes me feel good that they picked me.

Thanks foursquare!