Work From Home Helpers

I worked from home the other day. This is what it looked like:


I’m more or less sharing these because I haven’t posted pictures of Watson and Holmes recently… but I don’t know how Watson is comfortable sitting like that.

If you’re planning on adding furry creatures to your home, please check with your local shelter or animal rescue group rather than a pet store or breeder.

Do you ever work from home? If you do, do you pets ignore you or “help” you?

World Cat Day

It’s a late post kind of Friday…

Did you know that today is World Cat Day?

I’m not quite sure the original purpose of this day, but I can tell you that I’m a happy cat owner.

Day 1 in our home

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This week has completely gotten away from me! I haven’t had the time to write blogs and I have some unfinished drafts that I may just trash anyway.

But I have had time to take pictures! Holmes and Watson have been their usual cute, cuddly, purring selves so I figured I’d share some cute kitty pictures.

How’s your week going?


Jealousy is indeed a poor medium to secure love…

Emma Goldman

Last evening, Brad and I were sitting on the couch together and Holmes was purring away in his favorite spot. His favorite spot happens to be anywhere he can lay on, or be touching, every person in the house. In the case of last night, he was stretched out on Brad’s lap with his back feet on me. Watson had gone to their food and water dish and when he came back into the living room and saw Holmes, this is what happened:

Puffed up housecat

Being the smaller of the two cats, whenever they get rough with each other, Watson puffs up his fur and triples the size of his tail. Sometimes the sideways walk comes out and last night it did. He took a few sideways steps across the living room, which prompted Holmes to abandon the humans and go sniff his brother.

The sniffing was reciprocated, followed by Watson fiercely licking Holmes’ face and returning to his normal size.

I’m definitely reading too much into cat behavior, but I wonder if they ever get jealous of each other. There are two of them and two of us. Most of the time it works out nicely: one cat for each human for each cat. Other times they try to both sit on the same person or they ignore us all together. Last night’s puffy cat moment, makes me think that they do get a little jealous.

… or at least a little crazy.

Back to normal.

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Wordless Wednesday: I Sleep Like That Too!

Last night this was happening on the couch beside me:

I wondered how that was could even seem like a comfortable sleeping position until I realized that for three nights, I was sleeping like that! Between the OmniPod on my right arm and the Dexcom on my left leg, this typical side sleeper couldn’t comfortably lay how she wanted to. I’m pretty sure that I spent more of those three nights looking just as twisted as my little Watson.

On another note, I have become a crazy cat lady.