Work From Home Helpers

I worked from home the other day. This is what it looked like:


I’m more or less sharing these because I haven’t posted pictures of Watson and Holmes recently… but I don’t know how Watson is comfortable sitting like that.

If you’re planning on adding furry creatures to your home, please check with your local shelter or animal rescue group rather than a pet store or breeder.

Do you ever work from home? If you do, do you pets ignore you or “help” you?

Friday Five Stuff

Sometimes I just look at the blank new post editor and think: I’ve got nothing.

Thankfully it’s Friday and I fall back to the five things that I want to chat briefly about. I may think I’ve got nothing, but I’ve got some stuff.

1. I must share this… I see a variation of this every morning when I leave for work. They are in the same place at the same time. After terrorizing or loving (depending on the day) my feet while I get ready for work, they retire to the duck pillow to watch me leave out the window. This is why we adopted two cats instead of one. They have each other when we aren’t home. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Photo Dump

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays ended, all I really want to do is put my feet up and clean out the DVR. But we can’t always get what we want. 2014 has been and looks to continue to be a flurry of activity, that isn’t exactly blog-centered.

I moved to a new office down the hall today and while I’m settling in, enjoy my recent photos….

Sleeping in the way and trying to eat the bins are just a couple of ways that Holmes and Watson “helped” put away decorations. Continue reading