Considering a Facelift

It all started when Brad complained about our oven… then the home improvement bug hit.

One of the things I love about homeownership is that we can do whatever we want with our house (so long as it doesn’t break city ordinances or tick off our insurance company… which is why we have handrails on our front steps).

Last fall, Brad mentioned how annoying it was that our oven didn’t have a preheat feature, you just put it on the temperature you want and wait awhile (it’s gas so it heats very quickly). That’s how we ended up with a kitchen appliance Christmas present. All of our kitchen appliances came with the house, although none of them are terribly old, none of them are really all that new and are pretty basic. We went back and forth on replacing the stove or replacing the dishwasher. But then, the kitchen made its own decision when our refrigerator started peeing on the floor. Since our fridge doesn’t have an ice or water dispenser, this was a problem. [After pulling out the fridge and checking the tag on the back we discovered that Brad and I are barely older than it. Barely.] Prompting us to fridge shop over the weekend.

Say hello to the newest member of the K-Kitchen:

Image and fridge via Lowes

Our fridge ended up being an awesome deal (more than half off)! It gets delivered tonight… I can’t say I’ve been this excited for a kitchen appliance since we unwrapped my KitchenAid mixer the day after our wedding.

We’d already done some preliminary appliance research on the other items so we have an overall Kitchen Appliance Plan in place, but recently inspiration has struck to give the kitchen a bit of a facelift.

When we bought the house we didn’t do anything to the kitchen, bathrooms or basement bar since they were all in excellent shape (and weren’t having carpet put in). I like the dark cabinets and unique brick back splash and soffets, but there are definitely some things about the kitchen Brad and I want to change.

Spending its last day in our kitchen

I never thought I’d kick myself for not having a bunch of pictures of my kitchen.


Adding this to the Look What I Got! Link up… 50+ percent off a refrigerator counts as a great deal I think!

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  2. Getting a new fridge is pretty awesome. We started the same way as you, first with the vent above the stove, then we replaced the stove, then the fridge. I’m currently eye-ing both a new dishwasher and microwave. Ours is a very slow renovation. I love your new fridge! How exciting!

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