Calvin Klein: Eternity Now (His & Hers Fragrance Review)

The lovely folks at Influenster sent me an Eternity Now VoxBox to check out (totally free to me so I can review). The box was small, but contained something for me AND something for Brad. His and hers fragrance samples of Eternity Now by Calvin Klein.

Most of the time it seems like the guys get left out of the product reviews and testing, so I liked being able to hand over a sample to him.

It’s tough to write about a scent, but I’ll take a crack at it… Continue reading

Ultimate Straight Vox Box

It’s been awhile since I reviewed a Vox Box, but never fear the folks at Influenster didn’t forget about me. I recently received an Ultimate Straight Vox Box complimentary from Influenster  to test out.

My box contained the whole Ultimate Straight system from L’Oreal Paris, the “system” consists of:

  • Ultimate Straight straightening shampoo
  • Ultimate Straight straight boosting pre-conditioner
  • Ultimate Straight straightening conditioner
  • Ultimate Straight straight perfecting balm

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Cat(s) Vs. Mouse: Vox Box Review

I felt very special the day that a bright yellow box showed up for me the cats. This whole pile of packages was addressed to me.

Influenster sent Holmes and Watson a pet-focused Temptations cat treat box with the Snack Mouse toy. You can see the unboxing video and a little about how my cats reacted to it on my YouTube channel here. Continue reading

Immature Skin

When I was a teenager scowling at my pores in the mirror, I consoled myself with the thought that adults don’t get zits. I mistakenly thought that my skin woes would go away when I grew up.

No such luck.

Then Influenster sent me Mary Kay’s Clear Proof System. The card in the box promised a noticeable difference in a few as seven days. (The best things in life are free… from Influenster!)

Holmes and Watson enjoyed the box

Mary Kay’s Clear Proof System is a four-step process:

  1. Wash your face with the cleansing gel
  2. Apply the blemish control toner
  3. Dab the acne treatment gel on blemishes
  4. Moisturize with the oil free moisturizer

To get things going I took a before picture. It’s weird to voluntarily post a picture of myself looking eh.

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Vitality Vox Box Review

It’s time for another VoxBox review…

Influenster sent me a another box of goodies with a health/exercise theme to review and share with you all. If you want to see what was in my box, you can watch my unboxing video. (If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, don’t be disappointed if my voice doesn’t sound the way that you imagined it would!)

Let me start with the star of this box and my new favorite product… Continue reading