Fave Fives

I started my Friday Five posts to combine brief bits of information into a single post… and as a way to not have to write logically some days!

I figured I’d share some of my Friday Five Favorite posts… so today kind of ends up being a Friday 25!

1. Techno Home. Handy gadgets to have around the house. What are some of your favorite home gadgets? (They don’t even have to be technology related!)

2. October Thanks. Thankful posts are a great way to improve a mood.

3. A Tale of Excellent Service. Alternate title: The Time The Airline Bought Me a Beer.

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I’ve been known to talk about my high-tech life when it comes to being partially robotic (a complicated way of saying that I blog about medical devices). One perk aspect of being married to someone who is addicted to technology like Brad is that we have all sorts of cool gadgets in our home.

Most of these were given to us as gifts because…. well Brad. Some are cool little things that are not only handy, but are great conversation starters. If you’re looking for a gift for the hard-to-shop-for technology enthusiast in your life, these are some good options.

1. LED glow coasters. These are pressure sensitive and change colors the longer you have the glass on them. You can find a set of your own here. Continue reading