Conversation Skills

I was chatting on the phone with my brother (Seth) last week and he gave the phone to my 2-year-old niece. The conversation went something like this:

Seth: Say hi to aunt Rachel.


Seth: Can you say hi?


Me: Hi honey. How are you?


Seth: Can you tell aunt Rachel what a lion says?

Niece: RAWR!!!!

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(Kind of) Wordless Wednesday: Aunthood

Have I mentioned before that I love being an aunt? Well, I love being an aunt.

My niece just recently turned two. It’s incredible to get to see her grow up and to see my brother grow into a parent. He talks like a dad. This weekend, my husband and my brother were talking about something and my brother was extolling the safety features of a product and how they keep children safe.

I’m not used to hearing complete sentences from my niece yet, so when she carried a square plastic block that had colored gel inside of it and very succinctly asked, “What is this? Is it a rock?” Not only was I amazed by the complexity of her request, I fumbled for an accurate answer because I don’t know what those are called (I couldn’t even Google the proper combination of words to find you all a picture!). I’ve only really exercised my aunthood with this niece, D. I held her when she wasn’t even 24 hours old. Before that, I oohed and aahed over her ultrasound pictures, but confessed that I believed my brother and sister-in-law would be having a turtle. I have actually gifted D with two toy turtles, there may be more in her future.


She took this herself with my iPhone’s front-facing camera

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The other ladies

My mom is my one and only mom. I love her dearly and owe her more thanks than I can give.

I feel that I can’t let all of the Mother’s Day celebrations go by without recognizing  a couple of other ladies in my life, who although not my mothers, deserve credit for being motherly toward me.

Mom K

I’m one of the few lucky ladies who married into a great set of in-laws. Brad’s mom raised two boys and finally has a girl around. She deserves credit first for raising a great son and second for expanding the definition of family.

My in-laws consider my family to be their family which meant we had extra support during the tough times. When I was mysteriously ill and finally made an appointment with the doctor, she’s the one who took me to that appointment and then took me to the hospital… but more on all of that next week.

Her giggles are contagious and she has a way of making the people around her happy.

Aunt P

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