One of a Kind {Million Dollar Diamond Event}

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Brad’s and my anniversary had me remembering a lot about our wedding and the planning that went into it. For our 5th anniversary dinner, I wore my wedding shoes and jewelry. It was a special occasion. The thing from our wedding that we both wear every day are our rings.

When Howard’s Jewelry Center told me they were doing a designer jewelry event for people to customize their own pieces, I thought about the rings I wear every day. My rings aren’t “designer” but they are custom. Much like people will be able to create at Howard’s during their Million Dollar Diamond Event (June 17-25), we picked the diamonds for both my engagement and wedding rings, selected the settings and had them made. My rings are a very classic style that we could probably gotten many places, but mine had to be custom made since my fingers are super small.

It’s nice to know that what I wear every day is really one of a kind, made just for me.


Brad’s and my rings

If you recall, Howard’s Jewelry Center is a local and family owned jewelry store, with four locations in the Greater Cleveland area. Howard’s is dedicated to giving customers beautiful pieces for an affordable price. Howard has been in the business for more than 40 years and is part of the largest diamond buying group nationally. In fact, Howard and his entire staff are GIA certified to provide expert, personal service.

Even though the MDDE, as the Howard’s folks call it, is the biggest bridal event of the year, it’s not just about the rings. Besides rings, you’ll be able to customize necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more, with the help of designers. There will be thousands of diamonds and other stones as well as settings to choose from. During the two weekends of the event, there will be designers available in the store to walk you through the process. It’s always helpful to have a professional helping to make your ideas a reality. Some of the designers include: IB Goodman bridal, Zhaghani, Paramount and Caro.

Although the designers will only be available the weekends of the event, their tables will be there the whole time for you to browse and the Howard’s staff can help you out.

This is going to be an awesome in-store event, stop into one of the four convenient Cleveland-area stores to get expert guidance on customizing your own piece of jewelry.  During the event Howard’s normal inventory will continue to be 30-50% off like it is every day.

Howards Jewelry

But wait! There’s more… Howard’s is offering a chance to win a beautiful necklace for going into the stores during the MDDE through Tom over at Tom’s Take On Things. Hop on over there to get the details.

What jewelry piece would you customize?

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