Dress to Date Night Top

I bought this dress on a super clearance from Target, in all honesty I needed to spend just a few dollars more for free shipping or something and I liked the print.

I wore this once as a dress over the winter with tights, boots and a sweater. I felt a little awkward, it came to a “midi” length on me which isn’t my best length option and felt just a bit too busy. I decided to change it up that day.

Old image via Target

I really liked the soft jersey material and the cowl neck, so I literally just chopped it off a few inches below the belt loops. I’ve now worn it several times to work with dress pants or with jeans. Last Friday, I wore it with jeans and my favorite green flats. After work Brad and I headed out for a date night.

I’ll be wearing this dress twice as often (or even more than that) since I made the skirt part into a skirt. I’ll probably be refashioning that refashion though because it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to. I made it into a fold over top skirt (think yoga pants waist band) and added some elastic. I’ve since decided to make it a little more dressy (and longer).

Sorry if my really pale legs blinded you

Delicious Dinner

Anyway, so Brad and I decided we needed a date night and headed over to Rosewood Grill in Strongsville and then went shopping. Our dinner at Rosewood was delicious and the service was fantastic. Since it was our first time there, I’d say we’ll become repeat diners. When our server was going over the specials, he asked if we’d ever had soft-shell crab before and Brad made a simple comment that he’s made several times before: She’s allergic to seafood, so we’ll pass on that. It was like a switch flipped and he immediately said, “I’ll go get you an allergy menu.” The allergy menu was color coded by allergy (shellfish, seafood, dairy, gluten, nuts, MSG) and highlighted each dish the contained any potential allergy. I’ve never needed an allergy menu before because with a seafood allergy, it’s just easy to stay away from problem items.

When we ordered, our server let us know that his manager would be bringing out our plates since he handles so many different dishes. We assured him that wasn’t necessary, that as long as I don’t eat the seafood, I’m fine. He explained that they are very serious about allergies and the manager brought out my dinner. Both of our meals were wonderful and my steak was cooked perfectly. And Brad had a glass of Irony to accompany his dinner… the cabernet he ordered was called Irony, so that was fun.

Shopping Frustration

Unfortunately, shopping was less fun than dinner. Brad needed some new polo shirts for work and I was searching for some new summer shorts or capris. We returned home with one skirt that I got on clearance. Brad wasn’t blown away by the prices, selection or fabrics of the shirts. I was really, really disappointed in everything available for women my age. I stopped in stores that I’ve always had luck with finding my size and it was just bad news. For example, I get most of my jeans from one store because they have size 0 and the short cut is was a perfect for me. I tried on a pair of size 0 Bermuda shorts there and either I’ve shrunk or the parameters for a zero are different. My several pairs of pants from that store still fit the way they should, leading me to believe that I have not shrunk. The number of stores that actually stock smaller sizes is dwindling. And the ones that do are carrying fewer and fewer of them. Sure I can buy online at some places, but since I’m finding that a 0 is cut more like a 4 these days, it’s a hassle. I can order something (sometimes pay more because of shipping) then if it doesn’t fit right there’s a hassle to return it.

Don’t bother recommending that I got looking in other departments. I check the misses, juniors and girls departments when I shop. I have more luck with tops and always go into a shopping trip with the expectation that something will need hemmed, but it’s ridiculous that I can pull a pair of “size 0” shorts on and off without undoing the button or zipper. It’s upsetting. I’m upset that I can’t just go into a dressing room with a hard and fast size and find something that looks good, instead I go into a dressing room and try to figure out if I have the time, know-how and motivation to alter the item to fit.

Sorry about the rant.

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  2. I hate the size thing too- while I’m a more common size, I can wear a range of six or seven sizes so I never know where to start and don’t want to take half the rack into the fitting room! My latest shopping frustration has been feeling “in between”- everything either looks “too young” or “too old” for me.

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