Cutting It Close

In probably about 1 hour, this will just change to say: LOW

I have a spare pod in my purse and another spare pod in my desk here at the office, along with a vial of Apidra, so I’m not really being daring or living on the edge because I can just fill and affix a new pod whenever I need.

What’s going on here is that I’m getting a message. The past several pod changes have cut it quite close with the amount of insulin I have right there. I also think that LOW for below 5U is wrong, because I bolused 6 units on a pod that was reading LOW once… but that’s not a good normal for me.

Oh yes, back to the message. I need to start putting more insulin in my pods because I’m using more. My insulin delivery history has climbed slowly over the past few months and since both basal and bolus amounts are up, I believe that I’m not only eating more carbs but also requiring more insulin.

On the bright side, I know I’m not wasting insulin!

6 thoughts on “Cutting It Close

  1. I take what some would think is a lot of insulin. I just fill the pod up the whole 200 units and dump whatever is left over. (I know that I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have enough insulin to not have to worry about wasting any) I always wondered if the pods have any ‘reserved’ insulin. I know the Medtronic has an extra 10 units even when it says it’s empty. A little insurance if you will 😉

    • I’m betting that they have about that much reserve insulin. It was blinking low and I still bolused for dinner and received my basal for several hours (making it more than 5units total after switching to “LOW”).

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