Baring Arms Dress

I got this short sleeve, blue ruffle dress new for a whopping $8 on clearance at Target to wear for Easter. I wore it on Easter, neglected to get a picture and wasn’t thrilled. The sleeves were just okay and didn’t quite feel like they fit quite right. There wasn’t anything wrong with the dress, just a little eh in the sleeves and possibly overwhelming in the ruffles.

Excuse my headlessness, I was having a bad hair day

I probably can’t call this a refashion and should just say I altered this dress. I decided to make it sleeveless and wear it to the wedding of two college friends last Saturday. My first step was to remove the sleeves at the seam and see how the arm holes would work.

It worked out that all I needed to do was stitch down the the little flaps at the old seam, which I did by hand. After trying it on, I decided to take up the shoulder just a bit and bring in the sides of the top a little as well. I left the skirt completely alone. Finally, I tamed the ruffles a tad by folding them to the outside and tacking them in a couple of spots.

I donned my new sleeveless dress and some strappy metallic shoes. I took the wedding as an opportunity to test drive my new Dr. Scholl’s for her ball of foot cushions that I received in my Something Blue Vox Box to review. They made my shoes much more comfortable so that by the end of the night my feet still felt great.

Who wears shoes in the car?

Here’s the best thing that I can give you for an after photo….

I received the Dr. Scholl’s for Her foot cushions and some other great products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster, but as always, my opinion of them is my own. 

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A better After picture

UPDATED 7/24: I wore my new sleeveless dress to work last week and snagged a better after picture (after work, in my dining room)

Before & After:

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  1. I like that dress refashion. I agree that it did seem like the sleeves and ruffles overwhelmed you a bit in the original version. I also got the insoles from Influenster, and I liked them!

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